Practitioner Entry

Dear Practitioner

We've created a new name, which reflects the ongoing direction of our company. When Wilhemina, Melanie, Phil and I began this work 5 years ago, we decided to use the name CHMRD (Chinese Herbal Medicine / Research and Development). We thought the name reflected our discipline and our world medicine intention and the name has served us well.

However, as we grew and began to expand the base of therapeutic compounds, we found we were more than a Chinese herbal company. Products like PS Calm, which combines Chinese herbs with phosphatidylserine or Affect D, which combines Chinese herbs, specific molecular extracts and Western vitamins. Multi-cultural formulations like OA/RA combine Ayurvedic herbs with Chinese herbs or purely Western compound such as Gut Restore, medicines that are gathered from the whole planet and are eclectic and effective. We have our heart in Chinese medicine but our head is in the world. The world that is creating better and more effective medicines, drawing from China, India, Europe, the US and Australia. We are a world company but our home is Australia.


World medicine

Our new name is PANAXEA. The name has at its heart the word panax, derived from the Latin and meaning curing all. Panax is also the botanical name for the most famous of all Chinese herbs, panax ginseng. I hope you find our new name and our new direction as exciting as we do.

Daniel Weber


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